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Strum Diesel

Strum Diesel Sean Kagalis in the real world began playing guitar and writing songs at 13. A year later he landed his first gig at an old rundown Daytona Beach, Florida gas station turned biker-bar dubbed Charlie’s.

Personal experience is the primary source for subject matter in Sean’s work.  He performed his song “… and I failed social studies that year.” at the 1999 International Conference on Non-Violence, which was held at the Doctor Martin Luther King Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

He began performing in SL as Strum Diesel in 2008.  Second Life allows ’Strum’ to share his craft in a live unpredictable setting, where listeners can hear what Sean is really all about.

Sean won a GIMA (Georgia Indie Music Award) in 2010 for his production work on Cell Fehrenbach’s On My Way to Love. Putting those homegrown producing skills to work, he has released his latest self-produced effort Songs From The New Depression in April 2011.

Genre:  Alternative, indie rock, urban folk
Country:  USA
Language:  English
Time Zone:  SLT + 3
Review in Live Music in Second Life:  Yes on 26 August 2011
Own Group in Second Life:  Strum Diesel/Sean Kagalis List
Links to Artist's Website:  HERE
Calendar: HERE
Manager / Bookings:  Contact Stirred Diesel or Syl Darcy
Song List:  Check out his website and look for Sean Kagalis on Spotify
Date data first input to this Directory:  25 August 2011