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Paradorn Ansar

Paradorn Ansar is a well-established and popular singer of classic Country Music and other songs.  He sings in english with hardly a trace of a dutch accent, and sings in dutch also if requested.

He sings covers and plays acoustic guitar.

Genre:  Country
Country:  Holland
Language:  Dutch and fluent English
Time Zone:  SLT + 9
Review in Live Music in Second Life:  No
Own Group in Second Life:  Para's musicfriends has 60 members
Links to Artist's Website:  None Found
Calendar: HERE
Manager / Bookings:  Contact Zara Beattie
Song List:  Some 120 songs including many classic country songs plus others from eg Bon Jovi, Sting, Robbie Williams, Bob Dylan ...
Date data first input to this Directory:  16 August 2011